6:58. You are allowed to kill people for no reason. Alext set, shurand set and all of those are useless. More than enough defense. Otherwise you’re better off using a hknuckle and rody (LGGlove and talin set is also an option). Dexterity This stat adds block, hit rate (accuracy, how often you hit), crit and attack-speed. Dodge Rate – How often you dodge or evade. These are the only legal methods of making money excluding: Reselling items, scamming/hacking and buying Gpotatoes. Stay at mammoths for a LONG time (even when they’re just 1/2 levels higher). There are many types of rings, the ones that people only use are Stam Rings, Intelli rings, Vigor rings and Arek rings. It’s hard to get this, and often requires “Blessing of Pet Tamers”, which is a cash shop item. Weapon -> STR, DEX, Attack, Crit, Attack Speed or ADOCH. Sonic Hand (You can max sonic before you max asal if you want), Quickstep (You can max quickstep before you max mental if you want). Mia Quest -Lvl to start: 20-29 -Starting NPC: JeongHwa (Across from Martin, Magic shop owner of Saintmorning) This quest consists of 8 parts. It doesn’t do very well, it kills the slowest, just over BJs and 1v1 BRMs. 4. Get these FREE ITEMS now! You should only get crit from piercings (Electric Bs add 1.4% crit per card, so they’re better than fire Bs) and awakens, because they add directly to your crit. Maxed sonic, asal and buffs you’re supposed to max as suggested by skill builds, especially stone hand. A bad spawn is the opposite, which is few monsters spaced far away, with lots of aggros. Experience over Time determines how fast you level, and what’s most efficient. It’s a good choice if you have other characters and don’t want to go make another pet. Bad for 1v1 leveling however. How do you get more HP with 15-30 base stamina? The effects from dexterity can be replaced with good equipment, but it is still an important stat to add to for most people. Fast. Skills, or “spells” are abilities you gain as you level. This build does not cover AoE leveling past level 70. There are two types of Piercing, that is Suit piercing which is percentage based and Weapon/Shield piercing which usually gives stats and a small percentage of something. This means 50k+ crits with over 60% critical. Number 2 will be better for leveling, but it turns you into a sitting duck in pvp. But questies sell for a lot) Augus in azria (High leveled, but better drop rate and exp). Block is also important for PvP when versing Blades. The new Shaduwar questies should also fetch a similar price, if not more. Dex is only ever added for hit rate and attack speed (mostly for hit rate though, because everyone can get attack speed shields now)…. Personally, I would pick number one because I like PvP. Your attack rate does not equal your damage, it is how much damage you could do versus a monster of no element, 0 defense and of the same or lower level as you. NPC gear is less than 5mill for the entire set, and can be bought from the NPC in Darkon 3 (The old lodelight, near altar of ranger) Use any knuckle, I used my yak knuckle, but you can also use an NPC knuckle. Categories: Completed Version 18 | Billposter | Skills. Great first character choice and easy to play, 5. Contribution is always the best for when you level, and you will never find an “Adv. A good spawn is one that has many monsters close together with few aggros. A vagrant gets three skills, but none of them are worth getting, so don’t even think about it. Skills – An explanation of the different BillPoster and Assist skills, their uses, which ones to get and Skill Builds, 4. If you can’t tank eight mobs at your level with an elemented suit, you shouldn’t be AoEing (Perhaps you should test this before you add points to Burstcrack). But that’s assuming everyone in the test has average equipment. Please Note: From now on, I’ll just be giving your options straight, and saying which monsters are the best to level at, instead of just telling you where not to level. Equipment – Egg Pets | Jewelry – Everything to do with jewelry including which ones to use for leveling and PvP – Which egg-pets to use for PvM and PvP, 7. For giants, you will be mainly farming them for LGAxes, which is definitely worth it. You can still support other people with your own buffs that you obtain when you are an assist, 6. When you need to change element, buy a Scroll of Element Change from the CS or from another player (Only use if you have an element over +5, otherwise it isn’t worth it.) Now get 1 Truly Disappearance book. A gknuckle is the best for AoE, but not worth it since I don’t recommend it past level 70, so yeah only if you’re going to use that knuck for 1v1ing as well (In which case you need a +6 set for 43dex and +8 or higher for full str, or enough dex awakes/pierces for max hit rate). Make sure you have all buffs on and stone hand, with 3 sonics in the action slot. Element your suit opposite to what you level at if you AoE, and your knuckle opposite to what you level at if you 1v1 (Refer to Elements Section). For stats, if you added over 20 int, over 90 dex, over 40 stamina, then you should start again or restat. Watch out for the ones with maxed stonehand though, they may get a lucky stun in. Because of his tremendous HP and Defense, he can take up loads of mobs and won't die with proper gear. One of the four stats, it adds crit, evade, block, attack speed and hit rate. Boots -> ADOCH (Or aditional damage of critical hits) or Speed (Walking speed). View an image titled 'Billposter Female Art' in our Flyff: Fly For Fun art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures. A nice knuckle for AoEing and PvP. Fillers – Someone used to fill a party. The questies there sell for a lot, so whatever. Kerns, Glaphans, Chimeradons and Bernerky questies sell for over 500k each. Dex is only added for more hit rate and attack speed. That kind of equipment is hideously expensive. So why go there? Finally. This article has been certified complete as of version 18. Here are their properties. Leveling at the Mars Mine is also faster. She is amazingly awesome, and yet, she still does not reach the 55% crit mark (She does have something like 100-120% adoch though) It’s ridiculously hard to do. Without good equipment, it is hard to level past level 67. If everyone in this hypothetical test were to have ridiculously good equipment that may have costed over 20bill in penya, then they would in fact, do very well. Results were taken from Jon's Sim. The +10% crit is great, remember more critical means more damage. Then click your cluster forum. Roikans!~ Give your best shot and try your luck as you might be one of the Lucky Bonanza winners. A complete List of Armor used in game can be found here. It adds 20 int, great for buff timers. Reward: Experience NOTE: Again, it doesn’t end here. Max mental, quick step, cats reflex and prevention. They usually hang around friends, who will protect them. The duel arena is no longer used, and will most likely be empty. Lots and lots of gpots. Any build that isn’t a part of these four is ineffective. They drop a lot of cards, NPC items, Greens and occasionally stones. 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+21 3/4: Def+47, MP Consumption -15% 4/4: Def+47, MP Comsumption -15%, DEX+5, 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+20 3/4: Def+47, Hit Rate 12% 4/4: Critical Damage +40%, Def+47, Hit Rate 12%. Basically, they’re going to use silent, which means no asal. 9. (Taken From Flyff Wiki) So here is your build: If you still cannot go to azria for god knows what reason, go to Darken 3 and level at the old Darken 3 mobs, or move to the Desert. Billposters are the most self-reliant class in the game, able to use their Assist buffs to increase their ability and endurance. – A video of the true potential of a 1v1 BillPoster, – Anything and everything you need to know about 1v1 BillPosters and FlyFF that isn’t in this guide. See the Awakenings and Blessing section. This set is useless for 1v1 BillPosters, it is only useful in PvP later on in the game. 3. Not recommended for 1v1, but if you had to use it for 1v1, I recommend you choose the female set. INT+15 Decrease Magic Motion Time+20% Add MP+20%. Billposter Edit. Self-sufficient, you can level without the need of an FSRM (Full Support Ringmaster), 2. Your experience is displayed in the Status Window. Should I use a Hknuckle or LGGlove? This page has been accessed 524,217 times. Especially in the arena. It’s definitely worth it. A 1v1 BillPoster, is the name given to a BillPoster that gains experience through killing each mob individually, hence One versus One. Read on. You don’t need to keep your reskill, but it’s recommended just in case. CW sets are the only sets that have different bonuses for Male and Female, each class has a CW set of its own. 1v1 RMs are basically 1v1 BPs except they kill considerably slower 105+ and they can’t PvP/tank as well. The level of shield you use does not matter. Other than the tiger for extra damage, your other two choices are: Basically, these are both used for more HP, which you need for the arena since you should have under 30 STA. – Repeated sneaker/satanology without intent of killing is bannable, however. High str billposters, or just 1v1 billposters in general don’t do that well, but you can still hold your own in a 1v1 battle, trouble only begins to arise when you have more than two or three people on your back. If you continue to do so, the punishments will become far worse. Not much you can do here. What is necessary for being able to PvP well in the arena (Please note, this is what I feel is necessary for bare minimum arena pvp, you won’t be owning many people, but you’ll do well): 2. You can then sell these items for money, which you can use to buy better gear etc. A fantastic knuckle, most people will use this for 1v1ing. Many characters rely on block for survival. Mein Billposter In Azria Beim Aoe :D Songs:1. As an AoE Billposter, you will need decent HP (at least 30000 as a Hero) and a decent AoE damage (at least 4000 on Mobs) The AoE Billposters use three Sets and three Main Weapons. +9 rings, +12 earrings and +6/+19 necklaces should be the highest you ever go for a LONG time. 3.1 Acrobat 2nd Job; ... Billposter Armor Sets; Ringmaster Armor Sets; Magician 2nd Job; Elementor Armor Sets; Psykeeper Armor Sets; Mercenary 2nd Job; Blade Armor Sets; What you call your character. These can be upgraded using moonstones and Aprotects up to +20. Don’t get worked up about that either, usually it isn’t very fair, but there’s nothing you can do. This is better than 1v1 knights, because 1v1 knights can only use one BSword or 1 LGAxe, so they automatically lose out on 40% adoch. It makes all MP based skills for any class, cast faster. For piercings, continue using Electric cards B or A. I would personally place them under blades, since with ridiculous awakens and piercings, Billposters in essence, become blades except without the second hit. However you get more buffs, and the ability to restat to FS so you can go Meteoing, which most BPs can’t do at all. RM – Short for Ringmaster, RMs are the one of the two second class option for an assist. Armor. At these levels, you can also go farm questies such as droils (Drillers, level 59-60), amperes(60-61) , guardieyes (62-63), dumptyres(64-66) and garbagetons (64-65) if you choose not to go level in the Ivliss Dungeon. Instead of going through all the green sticks, here are the ones that might be considered useful: A good stick, awakened stick is still better though. If you choose to use the Talin set, then I still recommend using this from level 15 to level 30, it speeds up leveling. Even the blue items that drop sell for over 600k each, so even if you don’t get anything it’s still great. Continue to AoE any mobs that are 1-3 levels higher than you, and you should be able to take at least 8 mobs comfortably. 100 Rangda (Level 100 Electric) Giant Shuhamma (Level 101 Electric) General Bearnerky (Level 101 Water) Giant Kern (Level 104 Fire) Great Chef Muffrin (Level 104 Fire). You must keep your event re-skill that you obtain at level 15 after doing the level 15 job-change quest. Same method of killing as above. Then move to Jack the Hammers until level 27 and do your last level at Giggle boxes. I don’t know the name exactly, but the spawn is the same, so just pick it up. Finally, you can 1v1 decently. Party – Short for Advanced Party. For emphasis, AoE anything 0-3 levels higher, element your suit opposite (see element section) and tank at least eight. Bileire/Bilari Bonus 1/4: No effect 2/4: No effect 3/4: No effect 4/4: Defense Power +20%, Close Range Block +20%, Increased HP +20% Great effects, highest level armor for Knights.

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