Jewel was about to go … Infinite Infinite esiintyy Sonic Forces pelissä. Jewel the Beetle is an anthropomorphic beetle and the curator of the Mineral Museum. 1.61 Molly (Sonic X) 1.62 Maria Robotnik 1.63 Tangle the Lemur 1.64 Whisper the Wolf 1.65 Jewel the Beetle 2 Villains 2.1 Dr. Eggman 2.2 Eggman Nega 2.3 Metal Sonic 2.4 Mecha Sonic 2.5 Silver Sonic 2.6 Metal Knuckles 2.7 Jewel lived a relatively cozy life in Spiral hill village till one day when she meant a young lemur named Tangle. sonic idw jewel the beetle fat big bug butt smack Like guyfuy's stuff? She's normally seen around Sonic and his friends and helps them with the battle for her kingdom. Her parents are deceased making her theonly royalty left. is a platforming video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. News, memes, discussion, and more. Fans have given the pairing the name 'Vectilla,' created by combing their names together. All credit goes to SEGA, Sonic Team, and the works of IDW, while also including some of my personal touches. Jewel the Beetle is Tangle's best friend and the owner of the Spiral Hill Mineral Museum in the Return of Underground universe. Tails Doll on myös esiintynyt hiljattain Sonic Archie- sarjakuvassa. Jewel attempts to rescue members of the local Sonic Fan Club from one of Dr. Eggman's virus spreading drones. Also all the females are 18 or older so it's a legal harem, suck on that haters! Jewel flipped through her planner before landing on the current day. The following contains all four chapters of the IDW 2019 Annual for Sonic the Hedgehog. Reddit's own hideout for any and all Sonic The Hedgehog fans! He was once a trusted member of the Diamond Cutters before betraying them to Dr. Eggman, and now serves as Eggman's assassin as well as the archenemy to both Whisper the Wolf … Tangle was reckless and almost destroyed a display Jewel set up. Jewel the Beetle is an uptight, worrisome, but friendly museum owner and guardian of Tangle the Lemur. 1 Canon 1.1 Battle For Angel Island 1.2 Bonds of Friendship 1.3 Tangle & Whisper 1.3.1 Imposter 1.3.2 Ambush 1.3.3 Betrayal 1.4 The Last Minute 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 5.1 Fan Art 6 Navigation … Jewel the Beetle :two_hearts: Tangle y Jewel han sido mejores amigos desde su infancia. [Cover art to Sonic Annual 2020] (Table of Contents: 7) Sonic the Hedgehog / cover reprint (on interior page) / … 1 History 1.1 Backstory 1.2 After … This game is similar to Sonic Heroes, but is started from scratch, disregarding any events of that game. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Associations 5 Limitations 6 Known Users BugCompanion Control/Creation The users can form a sacred and powerful union between them and a bug, and they … Jewel was about to go off on Tangle until Tangle's dad came over and dragged Tangle away. I haven't see a lot of stories with a neglected or abused human x fem Sonic harem. Sonic: Team Up! #still really love this drawing 😭 #sonic the hedgehog #shadow the hedgehog #amy rose #tails miles prower #knuckles the echidna #rouge the bat #tangle the lemur #whisper the wolf #jewel the beetle #e123 omega #sonadow Jewel the Beetle Tangle the Lemur Omorashi Desperation Humor Summary After years of vigilantly maintaining the little, yet proud mineral museum of Spiral Hill Village, Jewel the Beetle finally gets her big break, with one of the CUBEUPLOAD IS DOWN. Support them by sending some Shinies their way! Princess Jewel The Hedgehog is a fictional, anthropomorphic teenager from the Sonic The Hedgehog series, who serves as the entire Mobian royal family. Whisper the Wolf is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. The power toform an allegiance/companionship with bugs.Variation ofAnimal Companionship and Companion Allegiance. It is set to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Sega Orion on December 16th, 2019. … Doctor Starline x Jewel the Beetle (WE ARE HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. (vain Sonic, Amy ja E-102 Gamma pääsevät tähän kenttään.) Whispangle is the femslash ship between Whisper the Wolf and Tangle the Lemur from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. “Hmmm…” Jewel placed immense trust in her scheduling abilities, but something didn’t Tangle was reckless and almost destroyed a display Jewel set up. Jewel siempre estaría allí para buscar a Tangle y asegurarse de que no cayera en un peligro peligroso. The Real Reason Sonic The Hedgehog is His World's Only Hero As Sonic the Hedgehog tries to remember who he is, all the heroes from the Restoration are too afraid to stand up against Dr. Eggman in his new mech. Anyways, here are some It is produced by Sega of America and Warner Bros. When she … Jewel lived a relatively cozy life in Spiral hill village till one day when she meant a young lemur named Tangle. Scanning the timed list of tasks, the beetle raised a curious eyebrow. She is a heroic anthropomorphic wolf and an enigmatic soldier who supports the Resistance and its allies. May 9, 2020 - Jewel the Beetle Render by Nibroc-Rock on DeviantArt This image is blocked by your current filter - click here to display it anyway Animation and it airs on WB Kids since September 5th, 2020. after that Jewel … Tangle the Lemur is one of the main protagonists in IDW Publishing's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series, based on Sega's video game franchise of the same name. Sonic the Hedgehog Miles "Tails" Prower Amy Rose Knuckles the Echidna Silver the Hedgehog Tangle the Lemur Sonic Underground Manic the Hedgehog Super Manic Sonia the Hedgehog Super Sonia Jewel the Beetle Enemies She is aided in her efforts by her own personal team of Wisps. Sonic the Hedgehog has a dedicated fanbase, and one of the fandom's most fan-favorite ships is between Vanilla and Vector. Sonic and His Freedom Fighters is an American animated action-adventure-science fiction television series based on Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega, being developed by Ian Jones-Quartey. https She is a teenage anthropomorphic ring-tailed lemur who first became acquainted with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends during the fallout after the war to retake Sonic's world from Dr. Eggman (as seen in the 2017 video game Sonic … She is also Tangle the Lemur's best friend. Hahmot TV-sarjoissa Chris Thorndyke 1 Synopsis 2 Characters 2.1 … Mimic the Octopus is a villain in the Sonic the Hedgehog IDW comics, appearing as the main antagonist of the Tangle and Whisper storyline. If I'm the first one to do it, then yay for me!

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