Find how many days you need based on what you want to see and do in Alaska. The world record King was taken here in 1985 and weighed over 97 pounds. See Alaska's highlights by railroad or motorcoach in a group of up to 50, Travel in small groups, stay at exclusive wilderness lodges, and spend more time outdoors, All-inclusive multi-day vacation packages at a remote wilderness lodge, Travel with a professional photographer to the best photo locations around the state, Trips range from backpacking, rafting, to upscale remote lodge retreats, Cruises depart Juneau or Sitka. Kenai Fjords National Park is a 669,984 acre park located in Alaska in the United States. The Kenai River is seriously the most beautiful place of the Kenai Peninsula. Kenai River Special Management Area. The Orca is the swiftest of the whales. While … There are 3 sections of river to run and there is road access for all of them. The Kenai River called Kahtnu in the Dena'ina language and Кенай in Russian, is the longest river in the Kenai Peninsula of south central Alaska. It's 80+ miles of … From Anchor­age you take the Seward High­way around Tur­na­gain Arm to the Ster­ling High­way Junc­tion and then take the Ster­ling High­way to the low­er end of Kenai Lake to the start of the upper river. The Trip. The final 21 miles (34 km) from the bridge to the mouth at Cook Inlet is known as the "Lower River", where the flow is much gentler. There are places to take out sooner as well. From the Archives: Les Anderson's World Record King Salmon. In a raft it is a casual float through the Class III and III+ rapids, while in an inflated kayak there is more heart thumping adrenaline as you navigate the rapids along the way. The Kenai River is known for its world-class King Salmon fishing. The record weight sport caught Red salmon was 16 lbs. Boutique, small ship adventure cruises in Alaska's Inside Passage, Cruises depart from Whittier, a 1 hr drive from Anchorage. The Alaska Railroad is your transportation method. The lower Skilak Campground is another good access spot and is a likely take out for the upper two day trip or a middle one day trip. 4 oz. Cruises and land tours are great ways to see Alaska. By turning off the Sterling Hwy at mile 58, onto the Skilak Lake Road, driving 7 tenths of a mile then walking downhill 2 tenths of a mile you can reach the river and then walk up the river trail to see the rapids. The classic Alaska Cruise, offered by such companies as Holland America, Princess, and Royal Caribbean. Alaska Railroad: Adventure Class or Goldstar Dome Car Service? Kenai River Facts and Alaska Fishing Arguably one of the most well-known rivers in the great Alaskan wilderness, the Kenai River is home to the largest annual Chinook salmon run. About 10 miles below the lake is Naptowne Rapids, another fun Class III section. Next is Cooper Creek then the Class III Schooner Bend rapids. Trout fishing is good with fish remaining opportunistic and searching for food. Below the rapid is the confluence with the Moose River. Which one is right for you? Discover the optimal month due to daylight, temperature, and rain. If you are doing a multi day trip you might have time to fish the west end of the lake and there are places near Snug Harbor where you can launch. The Kenai River [Kee-nye] is a meltwater river that drains the central Kenai Peninsula region. We have experienced Kenai River fishing guides born and raised on the Kenai Peninsula that know how to put you on the Fish. But the incredible scenery of the river and the great fishing opportunities, combined with road access at numerous points make this a great trip for family or friends. This is why we fish the Kenai: It’s not unusual to share the shore with a bear, especially during the sockeye salmon run. The coho salmon runs occur in early August and early October. The Kenai River holds 8 out of the top 10 record King salmon in the world, with the world record being 97.4 lbs. Adjacent to the management district are fifteen different parks. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place. Kenai River Map Return to Kenai River Special Management Area page. Below Jim's Landing is the Kenai Canyon and the Class III+ rapids. [11], U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Kenai River, "Boat Waves on Johnson Lake and Kenai River, Alaska. The Kenai is a glacial stream draining the central Ke- nai Peninsula. Zillow has 21 homes for sale in Kenai AK matching Kenai River. Rent a car and travel independently on a set itinerary, with lodging and tours booked in advance. Choose a round-trip Inside passage or one-way Gulf of Alaska Cruise. See more ideas about Kenai river, Kenai, Alaska travel. Most of the river is within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and is a lush spruce and cottonwood forest among steep mountains until it exits at Skilak Lake where the more rounded hills are the landscape feature. In 1980 it was re-designated as Kenai … It runs 82 miles (132 km) westward from Kenai Lake in the Kenai Mountains, through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and Skilak Lake to its outlet into the Cook Inlet of the Pacific Ocean near Kenai and Soldotna. The Kenai River is the most popular sport fishing destination in Alaska, particularly for king salmon (Chinook salmon). Come on the Kenai River fishing adventure of a lifetime. Orcas are also known as “Wolves of the Sea.” Approximately 1.25 million Pacific Fur Seals return to the Pribilof Islands each year. There are 14 species of whales in Alaskan waters: Orca, Sperm, Beluga, Blue, Bowhead, Northern, Right, Finback, Humpback, Sei, Minke, Gray, Pilot, and Narwahl. Stretching to sizes over 76.2 cm (30 inches). Below this spot the river is easy Class I to Jean Creek. At the confluence with the Moose River is the Bing's Landing State Recreation Site, just upstream of the Naptowne Rapids, where there is good access and further down near Soldotna are more take outs. Fish up to 80 pounds have been pulled from these waters. The payment to its … The best line is down the right side. The world record King of 97.4 pounds was … The king salmon fishery is not as prolific as in other Alaskan rivers, but the Kenai is known for its large fish. Return to Area Map Upstream Gauge: Downstream Gauge : Flood … The Kenai River is the most heavily-fi shed river in Alaska. Mission Statement "The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation provides outdoor recreation opportunities and conserves and … Another 7 miles of flat water is below this point to Lower Skilak Lake Campground and road access to the Sterling Highway. Upper Kenai River. Total Homes for Sale: 95: Median Home Values Estimate: $206,500: Average Home Values By City. NOTE: Forecasts for the Kenai River below Skilak Lake are issued routinely during the warm season, and as needed at other times of the year. If you are looking for a trip where you will not see anyone, this is not the trip. The Kenai River called Kahtnu in the Dena'ina language, is the longest river in the Kenai Peninsula of south central Alaska. A trip of 4 to 5 days is an ideal time to spend on this world-class fishery watershed, even though there are good sections that are an easy day float. It’s not unusual to share the shore with a bear, especially during the sockeye salmon run. A female whale is called a ‘cow’. The sockeye salmon runs are in late-June (bluebacks) and early-August. The current building,... 3. 7-10 days is the most common. By mid month, Sockeye and King Salmon are spread throughout the river. Located near Soldotna, Seward and Homer, Alaska, Kenai is easily … Flowing out of the western edge of the Chugach Mountains, the Kenai River runs turquoise blue from Kenai Lake through canyons and whitewater till it spills out onto the low elevation woodlands to where it finally meets the salt water of Cook Inlet near the town of Kenai. Sign-up for any of the following email series to help plan your Alaska trip. The park is famous for the fjords it contains, which are valleys that were created by glaciers that are now below sea level. Kenai River Drift and Power Boat Fishing Much of our early Alaska fishing charters in the Kenai River are also done from drift boats and can be very successful. There are several starting spots but where the Sterling Highway crosses the river just after it exits the lake is a common one. In fact the Kenai and Russian Rivers are two of the most heavily fished and visited sites in the state and power boats will nearly swamp a canoe and lines of combat fishermen on the shore may make it nearly impossible to pull over. Our wild Kenai River Sockeye salmon are highly flavorful, richly textured, Alaska delicacy. There several spots where you can rig and launch a raft such as the Kenai Lake Outlet, Fisherman's Bend, Cooper Creek Campground or the Russian River Campground. Be careful during low tides because the bank is muddy and you could … Highlights plus less visited destinations. Kenai Lake to Jim’s Landing: 13 miles. We'll match you with a local itinerary expert to help you plan your trip. For almost 80 miles the river frolics through 3 sets of whitewater and forms 7-mile long Skilak Lake. Free personal GPS–driven travel guide to Alaska. Abundance estimation of Kenai River late-run king salmon began on July 1 and concluded August 20. Salmon will travel up to 1,900 mil… Travel on a set itinerary with lodging and tours booked in advance. Use our calculator to find out, Stay casual, dress in layers, and get proper footwear, Guides to the best locations around the state to view wildlife. The world record king salmon, which weighed about 44 kg (97 lb), was caught in the Kenai River in 1985. Obviously a river so choked with salmon is prime Brown Bear habitat, so be clean and careful especially if you are camping. Stock assessment of rainbow trout in the upper Kenai River, Alaska, in 2001 / by Bruce E. King and Jeffery A. Breakfield. The most intimate multi-day cruise option. Seventeen point three miles (27.8 km) from Kenai Lake, the river enters Skilak Lake. On a heavy day, even a casual fisher might catch several dozen of the species. Stops include Seward (Kenai Fjords), Girdwood, Whittier & Spencer Glacier, Stops include Wasilla, Talkeetna, Denali National Park & Fairbanks. The Russian River empties into the Kenai several miles west of Cooper Landing. fillet of King Salmon has 354.4 calories, 39.4 … Popular Alaska Itineraries Using In-State Airlines, Anchorage to Denali National Park Driving Map, Russian River Campground: Put-in Option for Rafts. Please check your email to verify your subscription. Book entire boat for your family or group, or opt to bunk with other guests. In recent years, the king salmon fishery has been closed or heavily restricted due to low returns of fish.[8]. The next good access is at Jim's Landing and is a take out for the upper river or a put in for the middle and/or lower river. Jim's Landing is here and is just above the Kenai Canyon and the biggest of the rapids. Overwhelmed by choices? The 3rd location is just on the opposite side of the Kenai River Bridge. Once out of the lake and on the river expect, right away, some Class II rapids along Fisherman's Bend. Kenai River … There was a problem with your submission. Knowledge, skill and vigilance are required to operate a boat safely - especially with crowded boating conditions and natural and man-made hazards. Kenai industries include oil, natural gas, commercial fishing and tourism. Once on the lake it is 6 miles of lakeshore bluff to the Upper Skilak Lake Campground. Along with Kenai's fish, the Kenai River area is home to other wildlife, including moose, bears, and multiple species of birds. It runs 82 miles (132 km) westward from Kenai Lake in the Kenai Mountains, through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and Skilak Lake to its outlet into the Cook Inlet of the Pacific Ocean near Kenai and Soldotna. The Kenai Lake to Skilak section is commonly referred to as the "Upper River". With a world record set at nearly 100 pounds, you can see why so many people are interested in Alaska King salmon fishing on the Kenai River. Seward B-8 Let us simplify it for you, How much does an Alaska summer vacation cost? Focus on Denali & Kenai Fjords. Four species of salmon are here with the King salmon reported to be the largest of its kind. 15 Facts About the Kenai Peninsula 1. If the winds are bad, crossing Skilak Lake could be difficult. July and August are the busiest times. We provide guided … Anglers come from far … From Jean Creek the Kenai Canyon is quickly reached and it is a 4-mile section of sheer walled gorge making lining or portaging near to impossible. [3][4][5][6] Each year there are two runs each of king salmon, coho salmon, sockeye salmon, plus a run of pink salmon every other year. In fact, Sockeye salmon eat more Plankton & Shrimp than any other salmon species, making Sockeye a popular salmon to eat, serve and target. Car, train, or group tour. They are … Its source is the Kenai Lake. It runs 82 miles (132 km) westward from Kenai Lake in the Kenai Mountains, through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and Skilak Lake to its outlet into the Cook Inlet of the Pacific Ocean near Kenai and Soldotna. The Kenai Fjords is home to sea lions, otters, and seals, as well as tens of thousands of birds. Some of the rapids can be scouted by car. Many other creatures like bears, porpoises,and whales, also roam throughout the park on the land and in the sea. Plan your journey with this gorgeous printed map. fillet of Red Salmon has 332.6 calories, 42.1 grams of protein, 16.9 grams of … An angler-day is one person fi shing for any part of a day. The Upper and Middle Kenai are between salmon runs, and the trout have the upper hand. The world record sport fishing salmon was caught on the Kenai River in 1985 at just over 97 pounds – a king salmon. There are several starting spots but where the Sterling Highway crosses the river just after it exits the lake ... Jim’s Landing to Lower Skilak Lake Campground: 17 miles. Nov 22, 2018 - Explore Jason Swan's board "Kenai River" on Pinterest. [9] These fish are considered pests by many anglers because they interfere with catching other species and because, by the time they reach inland freshwater, their meat may be soft and oily compared to other species. In 1978, United States President Jimmy Carter designated Kenai Fjords as a national monument. About 12 miles (19 km) from the lake, the river passes through Kenai Canyon for about 2 miles (3.2 km) of fast-flowing whitewater rapids. As you float past Soldotna there are numerous places to pull out but the public dock off Beaver Loop in Kenai is a common place to finish this gorgeous river trip. From Anchorage you take the Seward Highway around Turnagain Arm to the Sterling Highway Junction and then take the Sterling Highway to the lower end of Kenai Lake to the start of the upper river. Campgrounds, RV Parks & Public Use Cabins. Lower Skilak Lake Campground to Kenai… Late run Sockeye Salmon begin flooding the river … Please try again. Visit September to April to see the Northern Lights, Best Northern Lights Viewing Spots Near Anchorage, How to Travel to Alaska in January and February, The Best Large Family & Group Vacations in Alaska, How to Get from Anchorage to Your Cruise Port in Whittier or Seward (or the reverse!). Over 105 miles (169 km) of the river and lakes are managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources as the Kenai River Special Management Area, from 4 miles (6.4 km) inland of the river mouth at Cook Inlet, to 82 miles (132 km) upstream. And all along its length occurs one of the greatest salmon runs of south-central Alaska. To see Naptowne Rapids, drive to Bing's Landing and hike downriver a short distance. The pink salmon run occurs in even numbered years only. Please learn … Polar Bears are actually considered a marine mammal and therefore are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. It is mostly flat water and is the most popular section of river, with many parties fishing by day. You can see the Schooner Bend Rapids from the Russian River Campground. 2-5 day small ship explorations. Take 2 to 3 days to float this stretch. Trips available from Whittier, Homer, Seward, Juneau, and Sitka. [7] The Kenai is also the home of trophy size rainbow trout and Dolly Varden. Russian settlers established the Holy Assumption of Saint Mary Russian Orthodox Church in 1791. The "Lower Kenai" is well known for its run and sizes of its king salmon. Kenai B-1, B-2, B-3, C-2, C-3, C-4. Your must-have activity guide + map while in Alaska. Kenai Real Estate Facts. The turquoise waters of the Kenai River begin as its first flows out of Kenai Lake … This could be a take out. The final 12 miles (19 km) are greatly influenced by changing tides.[3]. It lies just below the next access spot at Bing's Landing. The 19.5 miles (31.4 km) portion from Skilak Lake downstream to the Sterling Highway bridge near Soldotna is known as "Middle River". One ½ lb. [1] Near Cooper Landing, the lake narrows to form the river. Having an extra day to wait is a good idea, but you could take out at Bing's Landing if you lose a day. Below the canyon is a braided section that can have logs and sweepers in the channel. The Kenai River [Kee-nye] is a meltwater river … The Kenai River called Kahtnu in the Dena'ina language and Кенай in Russian, is the longest river in the Kenai Peninsula of south central Alaska. Prospectors... 2. - Final rept", ADFG Anticipating another low king salmon return, "Kenai River (late-run sockeye) Sockeye for 2014". The Kenai is arguably Alaska's most famous fishing river and best known for its runs of giant King Salmon (Chinook). The first European visitors to Kenai were Russians, who built fish camps and canneries along the coast. … If you go all the way to Kenai take the Beaver Loop Road to the public dock. This is a take out for the upper riv­er or a put in for the mid­dle and/​or low­er river. The Kenai Peninsula (Russian: Кенай полуостров) is a large peninsula jutting from the coast of Southcentral Alaska.The name Kenai (/ ˈ k iː n aɪ /, KEE-ny) is derived from the word "Kenaitze" or "Kenaitze Indian Tribe", the name of the Native Athabascan Alaskan tribe, the Kahtnuht’ana Dena’ina ("People along the Kahtnu (Kenai River… The Record weight sport caught king salmon was 97 lbs. That provides you best view and access to the Kenai River itself. Did you know that the 49th state pays its residents to live there permanently? One ½ lb. Kenai … caught by Chuck Leach in 1974 while fishing on the Kenai River. [citation needed] Occasionally there will be reports of catching of "Steelhead"(Sea-run Trout). caught by Lester Anderson of Soldotna, Alaska in 1985 while fishing on the Kenai River. As a Kenai River fishing guide and call this area home I highly recommend checking out the Kenai River. [10] Sockeyes are considered the premier salmon for eating, canning, and smoking. The color of the river … This is the crux section of the river having the Canyon, plus 13 miles of lake to paddle. Two miles later is the Russian River confluence and there will surely be powerboats and fishermen along here. A typical king in the second run, beginning in mid-July, weighs 40–85 pounds (18–23 kg), with considerably larger specimens not uncommon. The total estimated escapement thru August 20 th was 11,908 large king salmon (≥ 75 cm mid-eye-to … Self-drive vacations. [9] The September run is favored by local anglers due to the larger size of the silver salmon. Fun River Facts at Jim Rusk Fishing Fishing the Kenai River and Kasilof River and Fort Myers florida serving anglers from all over the world since 1987. Kenai Mountains – Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area,, Rivers of Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2014, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 00:58. In recent years, an average of 275,000 angler- days of participation have been recorded. If there are headwinds this may be impossible in a raft.

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