Actually it knows because when you close the lid because there is a little guy with binoculars who's job it is is to monitor whether the computer is opened or closed. How to stop that bad behavior? Some laptops models do just fine with the lid closed, they don’t have vents around the keyboard, and they have fans strong enough to cool the computer whether it’s closed or open, but that’s not the case of all of them. The laptop lid is closed. Right to the point. People are saying to purchase hardware "ghost monitor" dongles. I just noticed that when the laptop display is turned off (set to turn off after 10mins), there is delay in keystrokes and mouse movements when the laptop is accessed remotely. When I close the lid (on battery) it's not disconnected. Dconf editor offers options to change the action to take when the laptop lid is closed on AC or power, but it doesn’t work!. My situation is that I wish to manage a router from a remote location so I use a WiFi connected laptop PC located close to the router and then use Remote Utilities to access the PC. I live on a boat, with limited space for extras. Moving the mouse on your laptop moves the mouse on the other computer, and ditto for the keyboard. For some it might cause your laptop screen to stay fully on when you close the lid which would still work for a remote desktop but might be more wasteful than you want. You can prevent the computer from suspending when closing the lid by changing the setting for that behavior. You might have to press a key or click your mouse to wake the external display. Drivers & Software Knowledge Base & Guides How-tos & Solutions Warranty Lookup Parts Lookup Contact Us … I have some problem with my Dell Laptop. Wireless internet disconnects when laptop lid is closed Hello! Close lid, desktop jumpes to external monitor. Similar power options exist for desktop PCs, but not the “close the lid” options, for obvious reasons. (Read 2273 times) paxman356. Warning. Any solutions ? When I close the laptop lid (plugged in) wifi internet disconnects automatically. Hello, i have a dell studio 1735 and im wondering is there a way to start the laptop up with the lid closed i have it connected to a lcd screen and just wanna save some desk space and have it leaning up againt my pc case vertical rather then space consuming horizontal but as to boot laptop musthave lid open to get side button to work. For me at least my screen still turns off but I still get graphics in through Anydesk so it has full functionality again. Many people are using the closed-clamshell or closed-display mode to take advantage of the bigger screens at home. I moves the desktop to the external monitor, which is not helpful. When the lid is closed he calls from his lookout position to the little guys down below, whos job it is is to run to the power switch and click it so the computer shuts off or goes to sleep. Using laptop as a desktop (lid closed) Some background first. Applications => Utilities => Tweak Tool => Shell => Don't suspend on lid close => ON But if GUI is not installed, then the… I notice the 'System' process spikes up the CPU every 2 seconds to 11% in task manager with the laptop lid closed. Hey there. By default, Windows puts your PC to sleep when you close the lid, which isn't ideal if you want your laptop out of sight while 'docked' on your workspace. You might need to change your power settings on the notebook. « on: August 23, 2016, 06:48:22 AM » I had this working at one point, but Windows just updated and it seems to be broken again. I don't want to keep the laptop … Gaming, in particular, will heat up your laptop like few other tasks can, and you may need the best heat dissipation you can get. I understand that when you close the lid of your notebook and remote into it, the screen intermittently goes black. I have a windows 10 pro laptop with remote desktop setup (allow remote connections to this computer). Now you'll need to check how well it works for your laptop. When I click menu, it will show a blank box. Which doesn't help when I'm controlling customers computers I physically can't get to. :emotion-2: The following tip will help you to disable the powersaving or sleep mode behavior of your CentOS or RHEL laptop or desktop. Everyone keeps trying to get you to get a docking station but your article not only gives a fantastic lesson but saves some bucks. Active Desktop is on embedded monitor. I'd be happy to help you with your situation. It’s just as though you’re sitting at that computer, when you’re actually working things from a remote location. This could be a pretty major issue for me as a huge number of my clients use almost all laptops and will often lock/close them. Antonio on March 02, 2017: Nice, but I loose wifi connection when I close the lid. A laptop has the added benefit of running on a battery and being portable so it’s often a better investment than a desktop (unless you’re a hardcore gamer). I remote into the laptop from a PC. Everything is working as expected (fast & smooth) except one thing: laptop works kinda strange with the closed lid :( My product code is 20A70037US, I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro. I'm on windows 8.1 on my laptop. When accessing it while the lid is closed, most of the screens become invisible. I have a user who works out of his home office. Hi, The Remote Desktop Connection app closed immediately after connection established every time, can anyone has the same issue or has any idea about how to fix it. As great as a laptop is, it does have a smaller screen and many users tend to use them with an external display. The Do Nothing option might seem useless for closing the laptop’s lid, but it can come in handy. After your Mac notebook's desktop appears on the external display, close your computer's lid. So far as I know, you can edit the logind.conf file to change the action. Power Options: When I close the lid: Do Nothing. Using powercfg does the same thing as this WMI object. This is Windows 10. If your external display or projector doesn't turn on after you connect it to your Mac, connect your display while your Mac is asleep or off, then wake or turn on your Mac. PC ... Laptops & Ultrabooks Tablets Desktops & All-in-Ones Workstations Accessories & Software Servers Storage Networking Laptop Deals Outlet Support + Support. Any suggestions? I just received my Lenovo X1 Carbon; it's a very good product and I really like it. I've looked through all the Windows options and used Google several times, but I can't find a solution to this problem. Dec 28, 2014 5:57 AM in response to rebubula In response to rebubula what happens when you close the lid of a computer in windows is 100% something you setup in the control panel under power options it does no matter if it's a native windows laptop or a macbook . After connecting your Windows laptop with the monitor, you would want to close the lid of your laptop but not let it shutdown as it will stop displaying everything on the monitor and furthermore it also helps you to save some battery on your laptop. When the remote desktop is set up and connected, what you see on your laptop’s screen is actually the display of another computer on the network. Thank you so much for the wonderful information. How to close laptop lid and use a monitor without going to sleep or hibernate. However, it’s a little inconvenient if you connect to external monitors most of the time because you have no way to turn on the MacBook when the lid is closed.. Newbie ; Posts: 1; Blank browsers when remoted into laptop with lid closed. I went searching for an article to setup my laptop as a desktop and this was the best article. This simple tutorial shows how to change the action (e.g., power off, hibernate, do nothing, or lock) when laptop lid is closed in Ubuntu 20.04, while it suspends Ubuntu by default. I have 3 Win7 laptops (32 bit Home & Pro, 64 bit Pro) that I use for different things. Windows puts your laptop into a power-saving mode when you close the lid, which usually means that your computer will power down when you close the lid, even when an external display is connected. I also checked the option in control panel "choose what closing the lid does" and its on "do nothing" only.. Right now, he uses the CAD workstation in his office, but all of the files are stored on a server in our main office. It's a KNOWN problem. /Other connection methods don't have a problem. This bit of PowerShell does actually change the registry settings, but it doesn't change how my laptops behave when the lid is closed. Disconnect your display or projector. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1. Author Topic: Blank browsers when remoted into laptop with lid closed. Dec 28, 2014 5:57 AM Reply Helpful (2) Thread reply - more options. I'm facing a weird issue any kind of remote desktop with my laptops allows only to be taken over if the lid has been opened for the first time. There are multiple ways to configure laptop lid settings. That's a blatant lie. How to Run Your Laptop With the Lid Closed. specifically) Remote Desktop? To prevent this, you need to tell the computer not to go into low power mode. So working out of the remote folder via VPN is very slow and cumbersome. Some laptops can overheat if they are left running with the lid closed, especially if they are in a confined place like a backpack. I'm facing this problem from yesterday only. If GUI is present, the following steps will help. I am using my Win 10 laptop either as a standalone laptop or in a desktop setup with an external monitor attached and my lid closed. It's running 1607, Build 14393.693. How to stop windows 10 laptop resizing desktop with lid down ‎11-30-2015 04:24 PM. I also have a Toshiba Dynadock (powered USB hub) to which my monitor and speakers are connected. No matter what active screen I choose on my windows bar, it will remain as showing desktop. In this situation I would like the laptop lid to be closed and for the configuration to be unaffected by the laptop being rebooted. I had an issue that I couldn't take over at all (black screen) Thus I corrected this through ACPI lid which helps but for 50% I still have to open the lid … I am wondering what the performance and control is like. External monitor goes to sleep mode when computer lid is closed – ThinkPad P70 Lenovo Inc. View View. Recently I decided to connect my laptop to a monitor, so i could enjoy a bigger screen. SHOP SUPPORT. More Less. I have a windows 10 pro laptop with remote desktop setup (allow remote connections to this computer). I tried everything and it seems to not work now :( The laptop screen goes off when I close the lid even when I set it not to do that. For desktops the screen is just woken up as you would expect, but laptops with closed lids (that are not asleep) won't respond. I bought a new Sony Vaio VPCF11M1E, all drivers are up-to-date and the options are correct. When closing the lid of your laptop, your computer suspends in order to save power. How to Keep Your Windows Laptop On When It's Closed . I'm sometimes seeing the same thing happening on a desktop when the monitor is powered off. 1) My laptop … Product: HP Envy 13-d061sa Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) The laptop is great but when i use my external monitor I have to have the lid up other wise it changes the to the external monitor resolution of 1920 x 1080 this makes everything so big its un-useable. I've chosen (in power options) that laptop does nothing when lid is closed. It does something. Apparently, the registry Sub Group PowerButtons and Lid has 2 different sets of registry entries.